Baby Essentials Gift Bundle

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Baby Essentials Gift Bundle
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A love-filled bundle of safe, natural products for a sweet bundle of joy at a bundle of savings! Mama's Baby Essentials Bundle safely soothes, top to bottom, cheeks to cheeks!

- Pure, moisturizing, all-natural Vanilla Orange Angel Baby Lotion (4 fl. Oz.) is NSF Certified Contains Organic Ingredients.

- Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (5.3 fl. Oz.) is a gentle, real castile soap - not a harsh detergent - and is USDA Certified Made with Organic Ingredients.

- Clinically tested, best selling Angel Baby Bottom Balm (2 fl. Oz.) safely battles diaper rash and thrush, and is safe for cloth diapers too.

- Angel Baby Oil (4 fl. Oz.) is infused with calming organic Chamomile and moisturizing organic Calendula, ideal for massage or dry skin.

- And Angel Baby Bath Blossoms are USDA Certified 100% Organic, for a naturally safe, soothing, heavenly soak. Safe for baby, with no toxins ever.

All bundled up in a reusable pretty, drawstring organza bag, Mama's Essentials Baby Bundle is a sweet and effective gift for a sweet little baby!