Dreamgenii Breastfeeding Pillow and Baby Nest - Seasame Flowers

Dreamgenii Breastfeeding Pillow and Baby Nest - Seasame Flowers

37.96 (EUR 49.35)
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The Premium, Complete Support, Breastfeeding Pillow.
. Award Winning Unique pillow
. Ergonomically shaped to support your lower back by encouraging a firmly supported upright breastfeeding position
. Elevates babies to the correct height and position for breastfeeding without you having to bend forward.
. Relieves strain on shoulders, back and tummy which is particularly important following a caesarean section.
. The dreamgenii® Breastfeeding Pillow is designed to comfortably fit the majority of breastfeeding women.
. Its ties can be used to adjust the pillow to fit and to secure the pillow around you whilst feeding, as well as to make a secure nest for your baby.
. As your baby develops and is learning to sit up and support themselves, the pillow can be used as a safe, comforting and secure baby nest which will aid babies in learning to sit upright and eventually hold their own weight in the upright position.
. Water resistant wipable inner pillow with a soft subtle patterned pillow cover.

Ref: DGE17