SECA 213 Height Measure

Ref: SCL213

Brand: SECA

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SECA 213 Height Measure
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Portable stadiometer

At only 2.4 kg, the seca 213 mobile stadiometer is especially suitable for use in the field but also ideal for doctors’ practices and paediatric hospitals. The measuring rod can be dismantled into several pieces and set up easily and quickly.

The spacer keeps the rod straight and stable without any fittings. As the scale is printed along the side of the measuring rod, it is easy to read off the result while measuring, thus guaranteeing precise results – up to a height of 205 cm.
Measuring range: 20 - 205 cm

Graduation Length: 1 mm

Weight: 2.4 kg

Dimensions: 337 x 2130 x 590 mm / 337 x 177 x 624 mm when folded

Functions: Mobile measuring