TOMY Baby Monitor & Movement Pad Digital TFM575

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TOMY Baby Monitor & Movement Pad Digital TFM575
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The TOMY TFM575 Digital Baby Monitor and Movement Pad has been developed to monitor baby's every sound and move, even the slightest movements made by breathing. DECT technology guarantees 100% interference free, 100% privacy, and crystal clear sound.

The parent unit features an LCD display showing the room temperature of the baby's nursery, and the sound level light display keeps you alert to baby's needs even with the volume off. There is a movement pad indicator which offers visual comfort that baby is sleeping safely, and an audible 'soft click' function can be switched on to provide extra reassurance if required. The parent unit also features two-way talkback, so parents can reassure baby from afar without having to enter their room.

The baby unit features an adjustable nightlight which can be set from both the baby unit and remotely from the parent unit – perfect for when you don't want to disturb your baby by switching on the main light in your nursery. It also features a lullaby player which can also be turned on from the parent unit.

The TFM575 also features a rechargeable parent unit so there is no hassle with batteries. A simple press of a button on the baby unit also sets off a pager, which will help locate the parent unit if it is misplaced.